Re: Issue With Hidden Files & Folders

I have a similar problem with Savegames. Baldurs Gate 1. I save the game
when playing and when i enter the game files C/Program Files x86/Black
Isle/Baldurs Gate/Save the saves are not there.

I tried to run a character/save editor, ONE of them actually sees the
files and can modify them but doesnt have an option to copy them, other
three editors dont even show them.

(The game also provides some ready saves just after installing, THOSE i
can actually open and find normally. The missing ones are only those
made by me afterwards.)

Ill say it again - i can play normally but i cant COPY my saves from
the game file.

Unchecked "hide protected system operating files"
Enabled "viewing hidden files or folders"
Unchecked hiding extensions of known files (if it has any connection)

I cant seem to find the Compatibility File? or something i dont really
seem get the idea of it yet, but i read somewhere they might be there,
which i doubt anyway.

PLEASE help me i want my saves. : )