Re: Vista Home Premium Backup Fails (error 0x8007007B)

I've had the same problem after migrating files from Ubuntu Linux. I,ve
been able to delete all the files and folders except for a folder named
"Documents". When I try to delete this folder I get a message saying
"The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Specify a
different file name".

When I open the properties for this folder, the General tab shows
"Contains: 3 files, 0 folders", but when I open the folder I can only
see one file (I have "show hidden files and folders" set in Folder
Options.). This file has no name, type "file", and size 0KB.

When I try to delete this file, nothing happens.

When I try to give it a name by right clicking and selecting "Rename",
a box appears and I can type a name into it, but when I hit Return
whatever I've typed disappears.

When I open Properties for the file, the name box is blank. When I type
a name into the box then click OK, I get an error message saying "A file
name cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? < > |".
What I typed didn't contain any of those characters!


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