Re: Safe to delete? Temporary Internet Files

You could also try deleting them via Internet Explorer| Tools| Internet Options| General tab| Delete| Check Temporary Internet files| Delete. That should get them out.

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After realising how much my hard drive was full, I tried looking around
what was taking all the place.
After unhiding the files in
"_C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows_", I was shocked to
see that the folder Temporary Internet Files
had over 46000 files, taking over 86GB of my hard drive.
To my knowledge, "Temporary Internet Files" are *temporary* and safe to
delete. Since my knowledge is restricted and may be very wrong, I
decided to ask you guys (or girls) if it really is.

Thats it and thanks!

EDIT/UPDATE: After opening the folder, I did CTRL+A to select all the
files and saw that even though both hidden and protected files are set
to be shown, I had only around 2900 files selected instead of the 46000
I expected. Anyone can help me with this?

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