Folders disappearing in explorer

Alright, I'm really bad at explaining things, but I'll try to be as
detailed as possible.

Last night, everything was working fine. Completely fine with no

I usually leave my computer on with no problems. I wake up this morning
and this happens.

I double click on Computer and I see nothing. No drives are there, no
DVD drive, nothing. I do see the folders column on the left though. So I
click to open my F: drive (My file storage drive) and all my folders are
gone, but any files that were on the F: drive are still there. So I type
in my address bar F:\Anime\some random anime, and I can see video file.
When I go to F:\Anime (which is all folders) I see nothing. I have a few
unorganized files on my F: drive, I can see those files, but not
folders. So by doing this and exploring through my command prompt I find
out that all of my files are still there, but I can't see any folders at
all. Any programs I still had running (IRC, Steam, and Winamp) were all
still running and working fine.

I reboot my computer just to be sure and I get the same thing.

I haven't installed anything new, I haven't run anything suspicious.
Nothing has been changed since yesterday. I ran a System Restore and
everything has returned back to normal. I would have taken screenshots
and looked into it more, but making sure my files were safe was the most
important thing on my mind. I'd still like to know if anyone else has
ever seen this happen or if they have any idea of what could cause this?