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But why would you need to if MS made ALL their backup files compatible with each version of Windows backup?
You don't need to, it's only an alternative way to access the files. Or for test purposes.

No, but going on past experiences (W98 backup not readable with XP and XP backup not readable in Vista) there's a fairly good chance!
I don't think so. The NT backup utility was introduced with NT! With Vista it was time for a new method.
From NT to XP and Server 2003 there was no change.
You can restore the XP Backup in Vista (Seven) with the Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility from the Microsoft Download Center.

Yes all that is all very well. We are talking here about ordinary computer users.
There were LOTS of posts in the XP forums along the line of "I used Backup in W98 to backup my data, bought a new machine with XP, now the XP backup won't restore my backed-up files". Ditto in the Vista groups the same.
THAT'S what I am talking about. The average user doesn't KNOW what vhd files are, or that the backup files are zip files. They EXPECT that if they make a backup in one version of Windows, they can restore in another version, and that plainly has NOT happened in the past.