Re: Allocation units

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On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 02:26:36 -0400, "mazorj" <mazorj@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Shadow files may be eating up some space, but what could
possibly eat
up 2/3 of a 324 GB HD in a few days???

Spyware infection. What anti-spyware programs do you use? Are
kept up to date?

Have scanned with Norton (daily updates), SuperAntiSpyware, plus
other whose name escapes me. Not a peep or a burp from any of

In my view, and that of many of us here, Norton is the *worst*
anti-virus program available. I wouldn't rely on what it tells you.

How current is that view? There was a time when Norton was indeed
mediocre after resting on their laurels but they seem to have gotten
their act together lately. No single program can catch everything
but, knock on wood, I'm not aware of any malware on my system since it
came with my HP desktop. And my e-mail and Web security practices
could be described as being at the Paranoia +1 setting so it's not
like I'm flirting with known security risk behaviors.

SuperAntiSpyware, on the other hand, is one of the best anti-spyware
programs available. However, I would recommend that you download and
run the free Malwarebytes program, which is the best anti-spyware
program available today.

I've been scanning with all 3 (Malwarebytes is the third one I
mentioned but couldn't remember the name of). If all 3 of these are
reporting no malware then either my system is clean, or I've been
zapped by malware so undetectable that probably only a complete system
re-install can cure it. Backing up data files is not a problem, but
I'd rather have my appendix removed with a butter knife and no
anesthesia than recreate everything on a machine with dozens of
software titles and years of tweaking. :-(

I'm barely hanging on today at 1.06 GB but it's hard to figure what's
going on. In the second or two that it takes to check the C: drive
properties, close it, hit Refresh and reopen it, I get very fast
fluctuations of +/- 200,000 bytes of free space. Occasionally the
number doesn't change for several readings but Task Manager doesn't
show any processes making those kinds of disk writes. Only the usual
programs show any CPU usage and nothing is above 3% and only for a few
seconds. All that may be incidental to my problem of what happened to
200 GB of free space but it's still weird.

CHKDSK reports the same disk size and the same paltry empty space
available as the Computer window icon for C: drive, so there's no
mis-match there.

I don't think anyone else is going to offer a solution so my next step
is doing a restore to just prior to the June 10 batch of downloads,
which is when this problem cropped up. Even if a restore point isn't
necessarily a logical choice of action, barring an undiscovered
miraculous solution, I've been reduced to either this, a complete
system restoration, or waiting for the end - be it with a bang or a