Will not delete

please help me, i am having real trouble deleting files!

It started when i deleted an old Administrator account (*not the first
one made*), and i chose to delete the files.

then i then came to realise that the files were STILL located in
*C:\Users\[accountname],* will all the directories, *[documents, music,
downloads, pictures]* etc.

so, i then tried to delete them and was granted with the lovely " You
Need Permission to Perform This Action ", so i went to security, granted
all permssions to myself, and granted myself ownership and it still
would not work. i then tried deleting the files with UAC turned *off*,
and there was no change. i then tried using the command prompt to fix
doing all the del [drive] [directory] etc, and refered to the " /? "
for help, and it still would not work.

i then tried to move the sub files into new files seperately both on my
desktop and in the C:\ drive, and it still gave me the same permission
warning! the hidden administrator feature also does nothing!!!

*i am REALLY stuck*, i cannot shift these files, its only 6G, but
memory that is being used for nothing, and i need!!!,

please help me.