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I have 2 files in the windows\system32 folder. On is:

The other one is similar.
Can I delete these files? Because of the length of the files I'm only
able to see 2 column of files in the system32 folder.
It make navigation difficult.


NO These are Windows Vista validaton update files. They will not be
by programs such as Ad-Aware because they are encrypted for protection of
your personal information.

Thanks. How do you know that? With the HD littered with dozens and
dozens of these cryptic filenames, is there a way to determine what they
are for, which are essential and which can be safely deleted?

I was wondering the same thing some time ago, so I looked it up.

Unless you have a vi rus, all the files in the system32 folder are vital.

You're wasting your time if you're you're trying to obtain harddrive space
by eliminating a file here and there and, believe me, you're just asking for

If it ain.t broke, don't fix it.