Re: Can not get external HD BKF to run

mmmacw wrote:
Can anyone help me? My PC was running Window XP and I was using the windows backup program to backup my computer onto an external Hard Drive. I had a mother board failure and I have decided to just convert to only using my Vista laptop. I have connected the external HD but when I try to run the backup.bkf file it will not run on the Vista computer. I keep getting a message saying that it does not recognize the .bkf file extension. I am open to any ideas.

Which is why a 3rd party backup program is the ticket.

My situation is identical to yours. I backed up to an ext. HDD, suffered a mobo failure, and restored all my stuff to a new computer so easily it would make you cry.

If you have access to a PC running XP, restore to that and then transfer to the Vista machine via flash, dvd's or whatever. Vista has an 'Easy transfer' feature you may be able to use.