Re: Can not get external HD BKF to run

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Can anyone help me? My PC was running Window XP and I was using the windows
backup program to backup my computer onto an external Hard Drive. I had a
mother board failure and I have decided to just convert to only using my
Vista laptop. I have connected the external HD but when I try to run the
backup.bkf file it will not run on the Vista computer. I keep getting a
message saying that it does not recognize the .bkf file extension. I am open
to any ideas.

I think you'll find that the Vista backup is not the same as XP backup which in turn was not the same as W98 backup......well done MS!!!!!!! You couldn't make it up, could you?
Your easiest way (AFAICS) is to install Virtual PC, install XP in a virtual machine, restore the backup them move the data to somewhere where Vista can see it...