Re: Can't delete Font NOT Windows Fonts

Thanks for the feedback. I must say-that never occurred to me.

Tom Ferguson

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*-Thank YOU Tom, LVTravel and Tae Song for trying to
help me through this frustrating problem.

After trying everything everybody recommended, I
actually figured out my problem today myself.

I realized when I was trying to delete the font
it was displaying in the right side preview window ..

NEWS FLASH, that in itself is a reason Windows
won't delete something because that means some
program on your computer, in this particular case,
it was the Windows Font Viewer, was using the font.

Instead of getting a message that said some other program
is using this file, all I was getting was "Access Denied" ..
I now understand


I went up to the Menu Bar >> Organize >> Layout
and closed the PREVIEW Pane (no longer showing
a highlight behind the icon) ..

Tried to delete the font and BAM, to the Recycle
Bin it went, can't tell you how happy that made me.
Sometimes things are so simple and right there in
your face.

I had always checked all four items under Layout ...
the Menu, the Details Pane, the Preview Pane and
the Navigation Pane.

Looks like that definitely makes a difference
when trying to delete fonts, maybe anything, as
this was really the only thing I had tried to delete.

Thank YOU to All ~!!


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