Re: Can't delete Font ... NOT Windows Fonts


Go here-

and see instructions on how to take ownership of the files. After that, you should be able to delete them.

Let us know.

Tom Ferguson

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First, THANK YOU so much for trying to help me.

I will answer your questions below each question.


"Tom Ferguson" wrote:

1. Please let me know the complete name of the font files that you want to

Answer: Rockfont.ttf and Montague.otf
Right now there are only 2 individual fonts and a couple of zip files.
As I said before these are only fonts that I want to use at a later date and
DO NOT want them permanently installed into the Windows system.

2. Let me know the names of a few other fonts in the folder.

Answer: The two named above ..
No other Individual fonts there, a couple of zip files.

3. Create a folder off the root of one of your hard drives called anything
at ell _except_ do not start the name with font. E.g. c:\sillytest
would be OK. See if you can copy the fonts to that directory. Let us know
any messages.

Answer: Created a NEW folder called "PSP Things" .. on the Storage D:\ drive
did not want to put the folder on my System C:\ drive.

Yes, It allowed me to Select All> Cut >> and Paste >> into the NEW
Folder called "PSP Things" WITHOUT an error message.

4. Right mouse click on the folder name. Check Properties Check General
See if there is a Security section at the bottom of the window - I am not
concerned here with a possible Security tab at the top of the window. Let me

Answer: Right Clicked on the NEW Folder called "PSP Things" folder was
Read Only, removed that.

Tried deleting both of the named Fonts .. Still NO luck.

Right Clicked on the Rockfont.ttf ... the font properties DID have a
Security warning that read:: This font came from another computer and might
be blocked to protect this computer.

Clicked the UnBlock button, still won't delete
Asks if I want to sent to Recycle Bin, tell it YES
Tells me I need permission >> Retry >> Click Retry >> give same message over
and over again.

I have UAC disengaged right now

Right Clicked on the Montague.otf ... the font properties DID NOT have a
Security Warning on that it.. however, still won't delete either.
Same as above, asks about Recycle Bin then goes to the Need permission.

Checked the Advanced Attributes on both font properties:: Both are the same
Check beside >> File is ready for archiving
Check beside >> Index this file for faster searching
No Check beside >> Compress or Encrypt

Does Vista restrict deleting .otf or .ttf file extensions ??

I can't imagine having to open the properties of every single font you want
to delete, but then again, NO CHANGES that I have made are letting me delete
either font anyway.

I appreciate any feedback on this you can help me with and apologize for the
delay in trying these procedures. Wanted peace and quiet to work with your

Thank YOU so much.


Tom Ferguson

"JennB213" <JennB213@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> THANK YOU so very much Tom for responding.
> Okay, it let me rename the folder, it was titled Fonts and I re-named > it
> Goodies.
> I went into the folder however it still won't let me delete a single > font
> there.
> I don't want to delete the whole folder, it has some fonts I want to > use
> in
> my Paint Shop Pro program that is when I get brave enough to try and
> install
> it.
> I am totally frustrated with Windows Vista, I would have never thought
> about
> a font that is not even on the system drive not being able to be > deleted.
> Is it because it has a font file extension?? Does Vista not allow
> deletion
> of font extensions??
> Thank YOU so very much for any help given.
> Jenn
> "Tom Ferguson" wrote:
>> If you try to change the name of the folder on the second hard drive, >> the
>> one upon which you have saved the font files, will the system make the
>> name change? If not, what is the error message, if any?
>> Tom Ferguson
>> >
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>> >
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > I have two separate hard drives in my HP Laptop, running Vista Home
>> > Premium, 32 Bit. I also show the partition for my Vista re-install.
>> >
>> > On the second Hard Drive I use it strictly for miscellaneous storage
>> > items. Today while going through some fonts I had saved from a >> > group I
>> > discovered Vista WILL NOT let me delete those fonts I don't want ..
>> > *THESE ARE NOT INSTALLED Fonts*, only in a Font Folder on the extra
>> > storage drive.
>> >
>> > ::Here is an example of what is going on :::::
>> >
>> > Get the following Windows Message:
>> >
>> > *Are you sure you want to send this to the Recycle Bin > I click
>> >
>> > Windows needs to Confirm this > I click CONTINUE
>> >
>> > Windows need your permission to continue > I click CONTINUE
>> >
>> > Then I get Destination Folder Access Denied > Try Again
>> > *
>> > I don't understand because the destination is the Recycle Bin and >> > that
>> > is where I want the stupid things to go ..:rolleyes:
>> >
>> > If anybody can help me I would be so appreciative, this is driving >> > me
>> > nuts.
>> >
>> > Am I going to have to stop UAC again in order to delete these??
>> >
>> > Thank YOU in advance for even reading my post.
>> >
>> > Jenn
>> >
>> >
>> > -- >> > JennB213