Re: Most things wont save. HELP!

OK, this is what i have done so far, and none of them have worked:
1. Restarted in safe mode
2. Deleted Internet Explorer temporary files, Cookies, History,
recently typed URLs and index.dat files.
3. Deleted Windows Explorer recent documents, run(in start menu), Other
explorer MRUs, and thumbnail cache.
4. Emptied Recycle bin and system temporary files, cleared the
clipboard, and memory dumps.
5. Deleted windows log files and Chkdsk file fragments.
6. Deleted firefox cookies, download history, internet cache, and
internet history.
7. Deleted all of the above onon number 6 on Google Chrome.
8. Cleared the MS Picture Manager, and MS Office 2007
9. A whole bunch more applications that I care to name.
10. Checked for missing .dlls, un used file extensions, ActiveX and
class issues, type libraries, applications, fonts, application paths,
help files, installers, obselete software, run at startup, start menu
ordering, and MUI cache and fixed THEM ALL.
11. Defragmented disk
12. Checked for hard disk and memory errors(and found none)
13. Deleted Norton. Then replaced with another antivirus Software.
14. Freed up space on the harddrive by deleting some useless programs
and downloads.
15. Many, many other things that I dont have the time or just dont feel
like posting here.
After all that, nothing was changed(as far as my problem, my computer
runs more smoothly though =]) Sooooo, im going to need some more


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