Re: Moving jpegs

iowabucks wrote:

Hey everyone.

I just did a fresh install of Vista on a new 500gb hard drive. I backed up
all my old photos and data. Made 5 partitions on this new one and tried to
leave one for just media. I have alot of pictures. My C:\ drive was
originally intended for the OS, updates and virus/trojan scanners. I made
it for 40gb to have extra room left over.

It seems the extra room is going fast now. Most all my pictures i had in
my documents and my pictures. If i put these pictures back where they
belong it will just about fill up the rest of the space in the C;\ drive.

Is there any way i can put these pictures back in My Documents but
actually have the pictures reside in my F:\ drive? What would be the
easiest way to handle that?

First of all, five partitions on a 500GB drive is excessive unless you are
multi-booting different operating systems. There is no point in putting
programs, for instance, on anything but the system drive since a reinstall
of the operating systems will require a reinstall of all the programs

You will often run out of space with a many-partition scheme like yours, as
you are doing now.

It would be better to use third-party software (gparted, Acronis Disk
Director) to partition the drive into only two partitions instead. You can
move the Documents and other User folders to your second hard drive if you
want, or just make organizational folders directly on the "data" partition.
To move the Documents folder to another location (like another partition or
hard drive), right-click on the Documents folder and click Properties, then
you'll find a tab called Location. Use the Move-button to move the folder
to another location.

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