Re: Help! HDD Partitioning Inside Vista x64

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My issue is that I cannot make a large enough partition from inside
Vista x64.

I have two 1TB HDDs in mirroring, and there's only 1 primary partition
right now that spans across the entire 1TB. 350GB of the 1TB are
occupied by the OS and documents / files.

My objective is to split this 1TB into two partitions for dual boot
with Win7 RC. And for that I need a 2nd primary partition on this drive
(at least 20GB or so).

I first tried the standard way of creating a new partition. From Disk
Management, I right clicked on the C drive and Shrink Volume. Then, it
says I can only shrink by 1GB!!! Since I cannot be repeating that 20 or
more times, I unsuccessfully gave diskpart.exe a shot.

Can anybody help me with this?

On the Shrink C disk from Disk Management, it sasy:

Size of available shrink space can be restricted if snapshots or
pagefiles are enabled on the volume.

Could this be the reason? And if so, how can I turn them off?

Thank you!


I think you have to disable mirroring before you resize, but I don't use this config so I can't be sure.