Re: DiskJunction util

Why don't you ask a specific question about links? Forget about this program for a while.

Expecting someone to go to another web site to read an article, and then buy (PC Mag sells all their utilities) the utility so they can learn it capabilities just to answer your generic question is a bit of a stretch - don't you think?


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PC Magazine has come out with an interesting utility that taps in Vista's "symbolic links" (whatever they are).,2817,2347491,00.asp

This is all new to me, and one knowledgeable commenter at the site is having some significant problems that the author has offered to investigate. But assuming that DiskJunction works or can be made to work as advertised, can anyone comment on symbolic link capabilities, what they might do for users that link files can't, and caveats for those who are entering new territory? (Note that while it displays Vista's symlinks, it won't let you delete them, just the ones that it creates.)

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