Re: Can't delete Font ... NOT Windows Fonts

If you try to change the name of the folder on the second hard drive, the one upon which you have saved the font files, will the system make the name change? If not, what is the error message, if any?

Tom Ferguson

"JennB213" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:12c57e1c591c684e4cc6cfbf38914222@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I have two separate hard drives in my HP Laptop, running Vista Home
Premium, 32 Bit. I also show the partition for my Vista re-install.

On the second Hard Drive I use it strictly for miscellaneous storage
items. Today while going through some fonts I had saved from a group I
discovered Vista WILL NOT let me delete those fonts I don't want ..
*THESE ARE NOT INSTALLED Fonts*, only in a Font Folder on the extra
storage drive.

::Here is an example of what is going on :::::

Get the following Windows Message:

*Are you sure you want to send this to the Recycle Bin > I click

Windows needs to Confirm this > I click CONTINUE

Windows need your permission to continue > I click CONTINUE

Then I get Destination Folder Access Denied > Try Again
I don't understand because the destination is the Recycle Bin and that
is where I want the stupid things to go ..:rolleyes:

If anybody can help me I would be so appreciative, this is driving me

Am I going to have to stop UAC again in order to delete these??

Thank YOU in advance for even reading my post.




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