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We bought a new laptop yesterday. Until now we both had our own. So we
both have our own stuff we want to move there. We set up two accounts,
both with admistrator permissions. But we would like those accounts to
not "work" together. Like for example, we don't want our pictures, music
etc to be seen from the other ones account. But now it does. We both
want to put them to the D drive and only see our own stuff. Because it
gets really confusing with the amount of stuff we have. So when I go
somewhere, I only want to see the things I have put there, not his
things. How do we do this?

Also I noticed that if he or I remove something from the desktop, it
goes away from the other account as well. That is really not something I
want. I want the accounts to sort of work like two different computers.


Lets just be point blank, setting up two people on a computer in two accounts
and both accounts are admistrator will not accomplish what you two or looking
to do. By doing it the way you are you will run in to problems.

But you can do it this way and get what your both looking for, to a point and Ill try
to explain that later.
You've already got two admin accounts setup. From only one of the admin account
add two more standard user accounts one for you and who ever the other person is.
From there you can make sure that everything from each admin account as to the personal
files and such is transferred/moved to the correct user accounts of the two new standard user
you setup. Now you have to standard user accounts and to admin accounts that you can
change the names and passwords of to get them the way you two want for all accounts.
One of the admin accounts never use it until the day comes you can't get the other three accounts
to work. This unused admin account will be for emergencies only.
You both should agree not to make any changes in any admin account that the other is unaware of.
This will give you the effect of having two computers that can only be used one at a time.
If both of you know the admin passwords that are setup then both of you will be able to see
all files on each others computer so to speak and can make changes on either account .
Or only one of you know the password for the admin account. That way when something is changed
call the administrator.
*Now you and the other user only operate from your own standard user account and don't share any
personal files*.

Note: In an other reply to your OP some one named *mindlery* gave advice to do something to Indexing.
I think *mindlery* replied to the wrong post. I know of nothing that would help you regarding your question
that indexing could fix.

Because both of you are wanting to share a *portable computer/laptop*, I think the only way for this to work out
is for both of you to have some iron clad agreements and keep each informed to needed changes.

The Note I made about someone named *mindlery* replying to your Original Post
was my mistake. Because he was replying from some forum some where with not one
quote and , because all that he gave was a fix, that of course made no sense and that it showed up
in my newsreader at the time directly under your OP and I mistakenly thought it was a reply to you, when in fact it was not.

Sorry about that.
H Brown