Re: Cant backup to apple time machine

taehC wrote:

Does anyone know how to backup to an Apple Time Machine? I clicked
backup files, then selected "on a network." I typed in
\\192.168.1.xx\Time Machine and tryed to connect. It said I needed
a username and password, but I have never needed a username for it...
Anyway, I used "admin"(i also tryed using another possible username but
got the same error) for username and my password, and i got an error
that says

The network share could not be accessed for the following reason:
The RPC server is unavailable. (0x800706BA)
Please ensure the network location is valid.

I know that it is valid because I can connect to it from "Computer" but
still i cant get it working. If i try using a completely wrong password
then it says that the password is bad. Can anyone help or suggest any
workarounds? Is there a way to make an iso of my windows partition and
copy that to the time drive?

Do you have Time Capsule or just an external hard drive connected to a Mac
that is used for Time Machine? If the latter, unless you created a separate
partition for storage (not used for Time Machine), you can't back up a
Windows machine there. Time Machine doesn't work with Windows.

Sharing files between a Mac and Vista is also possible but that's another
issue separate from Time Machine.

So please clarify what you are really doing and trying to do and I'll
attempt to help you further.

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