RE: Grooming Windows Vista backups

I am having the same problem.

I have 2 external drives, 500 GB each. Each week I am backing up drive 1 (
usage aprox. 200 GB ) to drive 2. Now drive 2 filled up. This is because I
suspect Vista backs up more than 2 versions of each file which is not needed
for me, I just want 1 version of each file backed up. How do I limmit this?

"Marc Hoffman" wrote:

Hi all...

I'm having problems with a client running Windows Vista backup. Their
external backup drive to which Vista is backing up data is filling up. Is
there any way to tell Vista to "groom" the data, removing older data to keep
the drive afloat? Or, is there way to have Vista completely reset the entire
backup set on a regular schedule?

Thank you!