Re: External drive suddenly read-only

thanks for that info, *'*dinesh*'
( *i went through it, but
when it finally came to apply, i got the same media is write-protected

There seem to be small differences in the layout of button etc in the
properties box on my version of vista (64bit home premiumSP1) ie, 1)
when i have finished doing the CheckNames, the choice is only 'OK' and
not "Apply'. 2) when i have clicked 'OK' in the checknames panel, i am
brought back to a panel in which i find a check box labelled "Full
Control" (rather than Full Acess, and at the top of the checkbox list,
rather than the bottom). In any case, i check the "full control" check
box and click "Apply" at which point the "Error Applying Security"
message, which informs me the media is write protected.

Yikes, but this Vista is a very unruly OS...

thanks for everyones suggestions so far, and thanks for any future
hints / tips, and dare i say, solutions...



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