Folder Option View Settings - Is this issue being worked on?

I have had issues getting Vista to remember folder display settings from Day 1. I had hoped SP1 would fix them, but it didn't. I haven't seen anything from Microsoft even acknowledging that there is a problem, so I don't have high hopes that the issues will be fixed by SP2 either. The fixes I have found on-line work temporarily, but eventually Vista starts ignoring the customized settings. Over the past couple of days, folder display settings are being randomly changed by Vista with increasing frequency. As well, changing the settings in one folder will result in changes in another completely unrelated folder. This bug is no longer just a minor annoyance. I am very close to going back to XP because of it, even though I quite like Vista. On to the description of the problem:

I have Windows Explorer set to open with My Computer expanded. The drives are supposed to be shown as tiles, and grouped by type. A couple of days ago Windows Explorer opened with the drives showing as an ungrouped list instead of as tiles. I customized the view to display as grouped tiles. I went into My Documents and found my self looking at Picture and Video thumbnails, even though there isn't a single picture or video in the directory. The directory is supposed to be set to Documents with details displayed, and every subfolder is supposed to have the same settings. I went into Customize Folder control panel, and found that it was still set as Documents with settings applied to subfolders. I changed it to All Items, clicked apply, and then reset it to Documents. However, even though I had specified that this same setting be used for subfolders, numerous subfolders still display as Pictures and Videos. If I reset them to Documents view, the settings in the parent directory revert to Pictures and Videos. If I reset the parent directory, a whole bunch of new subfolders that were fine before now display as Pictures and Videos. I spent about 20minutes trying to get the folders to display as I wanted them, but I eventually gave up because I wasn't able to predict how customizing the view of one folder was going to affect the view of another folder. I returned to My Computers and found the drives being displayed as a list. I reset the display to show tiles again. Returning to My Documents, I found myself staring at thumbnails with all the customizations I had just made gone. Grr...Arghh!!!

On my D drive, I have a Temp folder in the root directory. I went into it and found it displaying Music Icons even though there were no music files of any kind in the directory. I reset it to display Documents with details listed. I went in to My Music directory, and found that instead of showing Music Icons, it was showing Documents with details listed. I set it back to Music Icons. I went back to the Temp directory, and found that it had been changed to Music Icons as well. Customizing the display type for either directory changed the settings for the other directory. They are completely unrelated directories, so I don't have a clue why the settings for one affects the others.

Any insights as to what is going on, and how to fix it, would be appreciated.