Getting back lost Passwords, a Tutorial (READNOW)

welcome to Anarchists Password Recovery Tutorial-ligth version!

For all witch have the problem to forgot them owns passwords.,
as i saw too much people asking again and again how to get back lost passwords, so i will show u some ways to do so!
there are quite more but those are the easyiest ones, (ways :))

Works on Vista XP win2k win7

first off all we need the 0pthcrack from sourceforge:

now there are 2 possibile scenarios:
1st u cant even log in to your workstation (we will need LiveCD) size ~500mb
2nd u can login but u dont have admin account (can get back passwords from another useraccount) size ~5mb

if u cant get in to your system anymore u will need the LIVE CD, because u can boot up and crack the password without windows, quiet simple!

so download your 0pthcrack version depends on scenario 1 or 2.

once if u started 0pthcrack u have to import password hasches from the [c]/windows/system32/config directory
importet account information looks like this:
Now u can start cracking by pressing the 0pthcrack start button, easy!

How long it takes depends on how strong your password was, passwords like hello, bluegreen123 will be found out very fast and others like e/Uaio912eaf will take very long -... but good luck!

to find your lost passwords faster u can download and load rainbowtables from

rainbow tables are precompiled encrypted passwords .
with this passwords a encryptet hash can be compared very fast and saves time cracking /getting back your account infromations!

you can also save your found windows hashes to a file and crack it later with openwall's john the ripper password cracker, is a very fast and cracking passwords tool since 1997, consolebased and free password cracker! visit for downloading

Happy cracking and good luck!

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