Re: I deleted the administrator account

I had to log into the .cmd command the other day when I did that my
ADmin user account had been corrupted, and I couldn't log in under it. I
did the following:
1. I went into my wifes "STANDARD USER" account and clicked on the start
button them typed: "CMD" without the quotes.
2. When the .cmd command line came up in the list I right clicked on it,
then clicked on "Run as ADministrator. Then hit Enter.
3. Type: net user administrator /active:yes. Hit Enter.
4. The command line will tell you if you successfully enter the Syntax.
If so at the next line type: "exit" (without the quotations)
Now you can go in and create another User Administrator account using
your hidden Administrator.
5 Once created don't forget to go in undr your new user Admin account
and re-hide your Built in Admin Account.


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