New (to Me) Machine wanted to " Re: Change Folder name for C:/Users/account_name"

Greetings and salutations

Way back when (2007) "cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user)"
<cquirkenews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on Sun, 18 Feb 2007 11:52:24 +0200 typed
the following:
On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 21:16:00 -0800, Gary McCready <Gary

Hello: I set up my computer with account name "Cyndi", and then changed it
to "Gary"

The C:/Users/Cyndi Folder did not get renamed.

It won't, no.

I have tried to rename this folder ...

You're about to dig a large hole that won't be fun to climb out of -
this road leads to duplicate account stores, mangled names such as
Cyndi.^%4765, user accounts that don't load, etc. BT,DT in XP :-)

If you understand the background to this, it may be easier to accept.

When a user account is created, a unique identifier is assigned to it
that can never be changed. At the time the account is created, the
account subtree name is bound to that ID.

When you change the name of an existing account via Control Panel,
Users, you map a new name to the same invariant ID. But by now, many
applications will have cast their own data paths in stone, using the
existing user account subtree name, so that cannot be renamed.

So what you see is the new name when looking at the namespace level of
abstraction - Control Panel, Users, or the Welcome screen, or other
login contexts, and the general desktop UI - but when you drop to the
raw file system, you see the old user name embedded in the account's
storage path. If you drop down further, you don't see user names at
all, only the raw ID that was assigned when the account was made.

If you create an account with the same user name, as can happen in XP
but may be prudently blocked in Vista, the reverse happens. You have
what appears to be the same name, but a different unique ID is
spawned, and a new account subtree is spawned that is bound to it.

Normally, this subtree is named to match the user name that was chosen
when the account was created, but if that name already exists at the
file system level, a variant has to be used; usually that means some
gibberish is appended after a . in the name.

Crude attempts to bang these things together, e.g. renaming file
system directories in an attempt to get account A to work with account
B's data set, can be exopected to fail - if the OS's user security is
doing its thing. You can see why that would be necessary.

This is quite helpful, this may actually be what I need to do.

But before I do anything "radical" let me check my understanding.

I can rename the account "owner" all I want, but the directory
tree will retain "owner" in some form of the name.
So I can create a new Account - "Fooo" - and give it all the
permissions and such of "owner". Transfer all the files in Owner's
"Documents" (What was known in XP as "My Documents") to
"Fooo\Documents" - an then be able to delete the account Owner?
Program files and such do not need to be touched, they should be
all right?

Oh, details, a second hand Toshiba Laptop L305-s5942, WIndows Vista
Premium. Bought it at a store, and am in the midst of getting rid of
the crap, and putting the programs on it I use.
pyotr filipivich.
as an explaination for the decline in the US's tech edge, James
Niccol wrote "It used to be that the USA was pretty good at
producing stuff teenaged boys could lose a finger or two playing with."

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