Re: Non elevated user account can't connect to new ISP

A lot would depend on the hardware used for the ISP connection. Is it by any
chance a USB modem?

My advice would be, if at all possible to obtain an Ethernet modem/router.
This will work with any OS that supports TCP/IP, and does not require an
Admin account. Point of fact it shouldn't need any software installed on the
PC at all, just a standard RJ45 socket.

Note that there are two distinct types of router, for phone-line or cable
connections. Be sure to get the right one.

Otherwise, disabling UAE (control panel>user accounts, last item in window)
may make it possible to install the software. Afterwards see if it can be
re-enabled since it is a big help to security, particularly with a USB modem.

"maushana" wrote:

Can anyone help with this? Is this possible if I turn off UAC? Any help
is appreciated.

Thank you,