Re: Cant log in :(

CrucialHoax;1147845 Wrote:
precizion;1147834 Wrote:
Hi all!

I have a laptop which is running vista ultimate, it has been altered to
work with my high schools network. Recently I went into system and
changed the settings, it was set to work on a business group or
something (I can't remember exactly) but I changed it to use on a home
network and then restarted my computer and to find that I now cannot log
in. I don't go to this high school anymore but when i was able to use it
both there and at home with no problem. A solution would be to go back
to this high school and ask them to fix it which I'm sure won't be a
problem, but the holidays have just started and i would like to be able
to use my laptop throughout.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Precizion> >
If I read your post correctly you are using a high school owned

no my high school allowed for students to purchase their own laptops
and then allowed for thoses students to connect wirelessly from around
the school on their own special network.

Anyways I have managed to fix my problem, for reason i wont post what
program i used but will post what i did in case any others have this
problem, i burned a program to a cd and then booted from that CD which
wiped the admin password (which the school had set so that i wouldn't
know :mad:) and I then booted in safe mode and created a new
administrator user and everything seems to be fine now :D

Thanks for replies :)


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