Re: User name not the same as logon name?

Eyeonb;1143545 Wrote:
That makes sense now! :) So ... if using lusrmgr.msc, I right click the
username and select rename, and change "Name" from User to Charles, will
that automatically rename c:\users\user to c:\users\Charles, or is it
going to cause problems, and deletions of all my docs?

Any way of backing it up first before trying if we're unsure?
No.Still "User" account profile will be stored in C:\Users\User even if
the "Name" will be now "Charles".System allow this kind of things.Really
do you disturb it?I suggest leave it.Well there is ability to rename
user profile folder too...but is that really worth to do :shock:?
When you change account "Name"...
1.First you have to login into another admin account -if you don't
another admin account you have to create it before.
2.Find folder C:\Users\User and rename it to C:\Users\Charles
3.Open regedit find key *HKEY_LOCALE_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList* navigate to subkey which adressed to
"User" account and correct path to user profile folder.See image.

As you can see you have to edit path in "ProfileImagePath"
After it you will have account name "Charles" with profile

|Filename: UIP.jpg |