Re: Help me with Users

Windows does not support rights as granular as this. Either you have administrative powers (to remove viruses, defrag and what not) or you don't. I don't know of any way to add that ability to Windows.

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Hi guys, Hope you can help.
My uncle has a son who uses the computer.. He messes up the system
files a lot so my uncle put him as a limited user.. When he did this,
his son couldn't instal anything and kept calling my uncle to install
So I want to know how to make an account be able to say do the major
things people need to do like install, defrag, remove viruses and what
not.. But not say like delete files in Windows and mess with the system
to make it not boot etc.
I`ve tried going to start run control userpasswords2 but like I don't
know which Level I should use.