Standard account can not run exe's when "run as administrator" is selected

I am trying to start a new method of using my computer and am not going
to run my profile as an Admin account. I am used to Linux and having to
use SU or SUDO, so this should not be much different.

I am running into the same problem that pushed me away from this model
before. I did a fresh install of a laptop, ran all Vista Home Premium
updates, created a standard account, logged into the standard account,
selected an exe on my C:, right clicked and selected "Run as
Administrator" and I get this message *"Windows can not access the
specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate
permissions to access the item."*

This error seems familiar as I tried this before and had the same
problem. This pushed me into using an account that had elevated Admin
privileges all the time (bad idea for someone who uses the internet and
installs a lot of programs).

What is the deal and how can I fix it?


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