Re: Parental Controls - Internet Stops Working

hrudey93;1002138 Wrote:
Have you had any luck?

I am having the exact same problem. Over the weekend, I setup Parental
Controls on my son's account. A couple of days later, discovered no
accounts could access the internet (ping works but nothing else). I
didn't make the connection until today - I finally did a system restore,
and everything seemed to be working again; as soon as I setup Parental
Controls, no internet for anyone. I tried simply removing the Parental
Controls, but no dice.

Mm, not really. The parental controls on my system still doesn't work.
I found sort of a good parental controls program though. It's called
"Crawler Parental Controls". I guess that is what I'll have to live with
for now. I've sort of given up on trying to get the system's parental
controls to work. It looks like nobody has a solution for it. At least
that's what I've seen. I think the answer I got at Helpero is the best
I'm going to get.