Re: Forgotten My Password

can you save them (the files) to a USB drive?

"Benzmann" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:9ff61406d755f7ea360caafd0be5f91f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

well this way is not recomended by Microsoft, but this is a way

go to the internet and go to google, type in OPHCrack it is a iso file
so it would be ophcrack.iso or something, u can get this version for
windows XP and Windows Vista, the file is about 400-700mb's or so, then
download a software called MagicISO and burn the ophcrack.iso with the
MagicISO software to a disk, then take the CD to your sisters laptop,
and put the CD into the drive, then restart the computer, then boot up
from the CD, and then u can see all the passwords on that computer, then
type them down, take the cd out of the PC, and restart it and boot up
normally, and type in the password :)


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