Re: Unable to make changes to parental controls

I had the same problem. I've had strange things happen with firewalls
and video drivers in the past, so I thought I would start down that road
as a Windows update would be to obvious and the issue would have been
resolved by now considering their have been postings for the past year
on this issue. In my case it turned out to be my video driver (I
think). I have an ATI video card and I had downloaded and installed an
updated driver from ATI's website a few months back. I also messed
around with some of the advanced settings. I did notice that the
Parental Control service was set to Manual so I changed it to Automatic
and started the service but I still couldn't change the settings for
users it would load about 1/2 the screen for about 1/2 a second then
give me the error. It would only do that the 1st time I would try
accessing it after rebooting the computer. Then it would just give the
error message every time I tried accessing it. I verified it's
dependent services were running as well. I started poking around in the
Windows Firewall to see if there might be some clue there. I turned it
off and then changed my mind and turned it back on. Then I went ahead
and uninstalled the video driver rebooted the computer and set the
display driver to use the Standard VGA driver and rebooted the computer
again. Then I reinstalled the driver I had downloaded and now I can get
in to parental controls. If that didn't work I was going to try my
original video driver. My guess is that there was some setting I had
changed for the video adapter and uninstalling and reinstalling the
driver set all of it's settings back to their defaults.t1n0m3n;1134646 Wrote:
Yeah, same here, using the "real admin" account didn't change the error.
Honestly, at this point, any errors like this have only one proven fix
so far... An OS re-install. It seems like a lot of people get this
error and no one (including M$) knows how to fix it.


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