Re: User Account Control blocking a program despite permissions

I wanted to keep UAC if possible. The Application Compatibility Toolkit
seems to target a specific program and appears not to affect other functions
of the UAC. Though I can't guarantee all standard UAC protections are in
place, I can say that UAC is turned on and seems to work fine. AND, my old
program opens without the UAC challenge.

In trying to understand UAC and how it works, I continued to search the web,
and eventually I stumbled across that link I posted. When I encountered this
problem, I first tried the computer manufacturer for technical support, but
none of their three solutions worked, and the last support rep actually asked
me, "Why are you using Windows anyway?" That told me I had to broaden my
search for a solution.

Good luck to you all.


"H Brown" wrote:

I'm glad you got it done. Also you were courteous enough to let everyone
here know what it took.
Will you answer a question for me. Did this solution you are using still
keep the standard user from being able to elevate to admin?
In other word are you still getting the security benefits that UAC
Last, what led you to "elsewhere" to find what would work for you?
I admire your tenacity,
H Brown