Re: Upgrading from XP to Vista


"Tore Sandvik" <> wrote in message news:e5v1ztgmJHA.5124@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have upgraded my HP Compaq nc6320 from XP professional to Vista Home Premium.
On the XP configuration, the only user vas "Administrator".
On Vista the only user is "Tore" will all the administrator's rights. Even though it seems that the user "Administrator" is lurking somewhere in the background, as when I tried to enter a new user called "Administrator" i get the message that the user "Administrator" allready exists, and I have to find another name.
I could let it be with that if it wasn't for the problem that the current administrative user "Tore" is prohibited from a total function as an administrator.
So, my first question is: where can I find this "Administrator" and get rid of "him" ?

Another strange ting also happened as the installation prosess didn't make the usual "Windows.old" file - so therefore it seems that all the old stuff is lost.

When running on XP, there also was installed a "SafeGuard" password protection to "open" the PC first of all. It has also disappeared.

Has anyone experienced things like this ? I have tried to find it out searching the whole PC, opening for hidden files and all, even tried to find an answer on the Microsoft support websides, but no luck.

Best regards

Tore S