Re: AD tools for Vista?

Microsoft renamed the adminpak for Vista to RSAT (I know, who would have guessed they might do something like that?).

For the 64 bit version See:

Also for installation instructions see:


velo wrote:
I've installed the Server 2003 Administration tools on a Vista 64
laptop. Followed several tutorials online on how to get this to work,
registering the necessary .dlls, etc. When I can get the mmc plugins to
run, which is rare, I can connect to my domain controllers but any
changes I make are not saved on the server.

This is a required functionality for so many network admins, there must
be a solution to this.

What generally happens at this point is when I start one of the Ad
plugins, such as Users and Computers I receive the following error from
the Visial C++ Runtime Library-

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual

No other details or options. Just that nearly useless bit of info.

Any suggestions?