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This is my first post ever.
I am trying to install SEP and am having issues with permissions.
After working with Symantec and running their utility, even though I am
the administrator on the machine I cannot access certain files since I
belong to everyone group on the machine. I have given full control to
all users for the folder but still no luck as below. I can get to
c:\Programdata but not the application data.

*testing allusersprofile\application data
c:\programdata\application data
account: everyone - deny
account: everyone - special access
account: system - full control
account: administrators - full control
account: currentuser - does not have full control because the current
user is a member of everyone and a deny was found referencing this *
Please help to figure this out.




"H Brown" wrote in message
Please give your definition of SEP. What is SEP? What does it do? How
will you use It? What is the machine you have? Why to you belong to the
everyone group? Why and for what reasons have you given full control to all
users? What Operating System are you using and version? How many user are
you talking about? As the administrator what are, the certain files can't
you access? What are the issues your having with permissions. What work
did you do with Symantec? What Symantec Utility? What is the everyone
group? Give the steps you took to give full control to all users for the
folders. What folders? What documentation did you follow in setting up
what it is your trying to accomplish? As "to please help to figure this
out"- not only do I not know the answer to your question, I don't even
understand the Question. I Goggled SEP and got about 94,000,000 for SEP
[definition]. (0.12 seconds). Why people who post to *Newsgroups* looking
for solutions to something or the other think it helps or put them in a
different light to use initialisms or acronyms is beyond me. I think it
limits the amount of input you could get, from all the people who use
computers everyday that understand plan English. KISS

Most of these folks on this *Newsgroup* are good at understanding what it is
that someone is talking about even when its not very clear to all, but due
to their exposure over time along with their expert Tess, they seem to be
able to translate the the verbiage, some how or the other, so you should
get some input. I will watch this thread and try to learn something. I
understand this is your first post ever and I'm not getting on to you in
particular but this would be a good time for you to learn what would be to
your advantage when needing some guidance. How to ask a question, search it
here and you will learn something that can be to your benefit as time goes

"ragger" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:e31e7d16d5eededcc9883cd5c82c7cbe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I wanted to give some clarification on the issue.

SEP is Symantec EndPoint Protection. It is an Antivirus Protection
program. I am using vista Home Premium 64-bit and an Administrator on
the machine but somehow my account is also under everyone group. I did
not add myself to the group and do not see the Group edit to take it

That helps, thanks.
You need to be aware of the 3 biggest problems people have with their Symantec Endpoint Protection software.

Biggest Problem *Number 3*
Keeping Symantec Endpoint Protection from causing other problems with your systems.

Biggest Problem *Number 2*
Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Software.

And the *Number ONE (1)* Biggest problem is
Uninstalling the Symantec Endpoint Protection software.


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