Forgotten My Password

Hey to all willing to read this

ok my little sister changed her pass on her laptop, forgot it, and has
come to me, ive had a look around the net and all the answers ive gotta
have been SH*T. i unplugged the HDD from the laptop and pluged it into
my External HDD Case and i can access all the files i want on the laptop
not a problem so far. from here i would make a back up and reformatt or
Restore the computer but obviously i dont got any backup disc's and my
sis deleted her RECOVERY (E: ) drive, so can't restore to factory
I know that once i can get all these files up and i can see in the comp
that i can delete the user pass because ive done it before, but i can't
remember how to do it. I can access everything on the computer.

If somone can get back to me shortly that would be great.

Thanks guy's and girl's