Re: User Account Control blocking a program despite permissions

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I have a computer running Windows Vista Business that is the principal
machine on a network of five computers. It is set up with three users. One is
an administrator and the other two are standard users. All users need to be
able to run a program called "ath.exe". I have set up full control
permissions for all users for this program. However, when the standard users
try to open it, there is a User Account Controls error message that "an
unidentified program wants to access your computer". An administrator
password is required. Obviously, this situation in untenable. What is the
secret to making this program available to all users while maintaining the
other security features of User Account Controls? Thanks.
There are many things you can do just to run the program *but* based on your question it will help you get the _right_ solution from the right people with just a little more information from you.
Is it: Vista Business Sp1 *or not*? _32 bit_ or _64 bit_?
What is the name of the program/application and its version number that all _users_ need to be able to run?
In the mean time pay a visit to the web site of the distributor of the program in question and find out if they offer a Vista compatible version.
That would be a version that’s designed to run in the user environment.

When I Google "ath.exe" I see your post to Hewlett-Packard Service forum and others, but to many possibility to guess at what ath.exe is.