Re: *!NOT your usual Vista Password Problem - Incorrect Password even every time even after resetting

Dear Experts and Gurus,

I have a slightly different problem to the first poster on this thread
and I am hoping you can help. Most of it is the same except that I
CANNOT even login (in Normal Mode) using a blank password which the
first poster could do.

I use an HP Pavillion dv6675us notebook and Windows Vista Ultimate x64.
I am not an expert but I am reasonably proficient.

Here are the symptoms and some workarounds I have tried to no avail.

1. My User account has a password. Password has NOT been changed.
Or password has JUST been changed and we KNOW what it is. Suddenly,
after logging out last night and restarting computer today, I CANNOT
log in again. I
get the usual Password incorrect message. Vista Ultimate even shows
the password hint. Yet it will not take the "correct" password.

2. The only way to login is to go into SAFE MODE and enter using my
password. So the same password works in SAFE MODE, but it does not work
in Normal Mode. Even changing the password does not enable me to login
in Normal mode.

The process does not even work if I blank the password via SAFE MODE
and try and login via Windows Normal mode.

3. In SAFE Mode I created a new account without a password (blank) but
that does not work either.

3a. If I go and create NEW USER account. If the NEW USER has BLANK
password still does not go past the welcome screen to login to windows.
If the New User has a password, windows does NOT recognize the password

4. I have tried to click the blue accessibility button on the welcome
screen and select type without the keyboard. Then, I used the onscreen
keyboard to type the password. This did not work either.

In Summary the only way for me to access the computer is via SAFE MODE.
I cannot access Windows in Normal mode even when I set up new USER with
blank password, but I can access that same new user with a blank
password under SAFE MODE.

Can anyone help me to access windows under normal conditions please? I
would appreciate if any Expert or Guru can set out a SOLUTION that

I have never come across this problem before and would really
appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance.