Re: activation key problems!! help please!!

John Barnett MVP;973454 Wrote:
I had the same problem after installing a new drive on my machine last
All I did was click the activation option. My ghosted image was
from October last year, this allowed me to go back to a complete clean
install rather than later images which had other software installed
which I
didn't want. The activation went just fine over the internet. If you
happen to get a refusal or a 'product key already in use' just select
'telephone' option. This is an automated service so please listen
to the instructions. If it still does not activate after you have gone
through the automated procedure then 'don't hang up' stay on the line
you will be transferred to a 'real' person who will help you activate

PS: After activation don't forget to image your newly activated hard


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"squeesy cheese" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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hi all, here's the problem, I ran out of space on my 40gig so I went
and bought a new 80gig sata drive, I ghosted all my stuff across to
new drive and it boots up fine. left it last night turned on
to the net cause it was doing updates. logged on this morning and
the activation screen come up and it says i only have 3 days to
it!! help!!

squeesy cheese > >

just phoned them and had a nice lady tell me my activation key, worked
perfect, btw, I kept the ghosted copy of my hdd, it was a latest one
with all my latest downloads for pivot, which was lucky.:D

squeesy cheese