Re: Won't ask for password when waking up from hibernation.

I've got a Compaq CQ60 with Vista Home Premium which is only a few
months old. I've noticed the same thing and am perplexed that such a
security issue is danlging around without serious attention from
Microsoft and HP.

What I found is that if I:
1. tell the laptop to go to hibernate
2. shut the lid
3. come back later and push the power button to resume from
4. that the desktop appears without prompting me for a password.

I experimented and discovered that if I shut the lid before the
hibernation process completes, the system will not prompt for a
password. If I wait until the system completes the entire hibernation
process, and THEN shut the lid, it always asks for a password when

Hope that helps anyone who still is perplxed by this. Then again,
knowing Microsoft, this probably only addresses the problem in some
scenarios and I'll be eating crow in a few days when it happens again!
;) Yum, my favorite: crow.

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