Re: *!NOT your usual Vista Password Problem - Incorrect Password even every time even after resetting

I have a similar problem, I renamed the administrator to my name. I
then setup 2 other accounts for my wife and kids. I password protected
My account and My wifes. Now when I boot I get "incorrect name or
password" message. I can select ok, but when I do I have the option to
enter password or select other user. When I select other user I see 4
icons available 2 are the same name(mine) and icon. I can choose either
icon and input my password. I log in and then can logout and switch
users. When I switch users there are only 3 user accounts now. If I
disable passwords on all accounts it will auto login to my account
without hitting selection screen. I would opt for no password, but it
doesn't help, I don't want my wife and kids to have to log out of my
acccount everytime they boot the system, to get to their account. Does
this make sense?

Anyone ever had this problem?
It's not life or death just annoying!



Always HUNGRY!!