Re: Vista Administrator has "access denied" to 2nd hard drive?

I finally just turned of UAC. I could not even delete my own favorite
folders I had made myself or organize them.

"help123" wrote:

Hey Man

I am not sure exactly what you did , but I went into properties of
accounts and in security tab I make changes in the access to drive then
when I logged back it said to me Access Denied on c drive even though I
was administrator.

Now what I did was , I restarted my windows went into safe mode i.e by
pressing F8 key before windows normal startup screen appears then I run
(run command from start) on run I typed regedit then went to EDIT menu
top next to File menu then in permissions I add one user (in my case I
had guest user already on so I put that user and give all access to that
user) after that I run win vista in normal mode and went to guest
account and right click on C drive which said Access Denied then in
properties , then security and then finally clicked on Authenticated
Users and click edit to make changes and allow all the features then it
said me access denied or can't do it I continue to press (continue
comand) as many times it came then finally I logged into my original
administrator account and got access to my drive and every thing was
back to normal.

I hope it will work for u too I was too frustrated but thank to God it

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