Re: Vista + PGP WDE + BSOD Stop 0x000000ED

i had the same issue, and no there is not a current solution to the
issue. It is not vista dependent, although a new feature in vista may be
the culprit. When most windows OS's above win95 find what it thinks is a
bad boot sector, it wants to run bootsect/bootmgr and correct the issue.
before vista came along, this was only done after blue screen related
failures. you would be prompted to boot in safe mode, etc. XPSP2/win2003
and above try to perform this task automatically (depending on
settings) however is not dependant on settings and does the
automatically. To do this, vista mounts a sudo-CDrom/floppy using drive
letter X (not sure if you have seen this before) and runs bootsect /n60
.... /force (syntax not exact). When this occurs the MBR is overwritten
and thats when the fun starts. Because PGP has encrypted your boot
partition (sector) but vista has overwritten your MBR now, you basically
have an unbootable disk. Here is what I have found after much
testing...almost to the point of insane ..ha

- PGP recovery is not possible because bootguard authentication cannot
occur. why? because you never pass the MBR checks due to your
unencrypted MBR/PGP wont allow it to "bypass"

- OS recovery is not possible using a restore disk (OS) why? because
bootguard will not find a valid OS (os not found errors or similar).

- reimaging without "disk whipe" is not possible. why? because even if
you format the drive using full/complete (not quick) the MBR and bootsec
are not "accessible" because bootguard "locks" that portion of the disk.
even after total formatting, you will still see the bootguard splash

- reimaging after a total "disk whipe" will work but this requires a
few steps.
first, reformat the drive.
second, perform 3 pass disk whipe
third, run fixmbr to write a new MBR
fourth, run bootsect /n52 ALL /force (unlocks the disk)
fifth, run bootsect /n60 ALL /force (unlocks the disk)
sixth, rerun fixmbr to write a final good MBR
seventh, reimage your disk from a backup

The worst part about this scenario is that PGP has no solution other
than restoring from backup, and they have no input on the method of the
restore. If you cannot recover using PGP images, or by using the
"bypass" feature, you are basically on your own. remember, the "terms of
service" state that PGP is not responsible for any corruption of your
disk or loss of data. imagine that.

Sorry for the long post, it served a dual purpose. hopefully to help
you, and to allow me to vent...therefore preventing me from going
"postal" :)


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