Re: Domain Password Expiration Notice

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Does Vista offer the the same ability as XP when a user's domain password is
about to expire? All I have noticed is the balloon popup but no pop up
window stating the password will expire in x days and asking the user if they
want to change it.

Vista uses a balloon popup rather then interrupting the logon prior to
password expiry -- Take heed of the balloon and change your password.

I let my password expire and after my machine locked due
to inactivity I could no longer log back on without changing my password on
the DC first. XP would give you the ability to change your password if it
had expired in this manner.

Vista does too, once a password has expired. However, if the machine is
locked and you're the active logged in user, you might need to hit
"Switch User" then attempt to login again -- I'm not 100% sure about
this, this effect might be caused by the finger print reader software.

The laptop I am using has a fingerprint reader
and initially I had a hard time getting the Ctrl Alt Del screen to show up
since I believe the fingerprint software was overriding the Vista login
screen. COuld this be causing a problem? I am using VIsta Ultimate but I
assume this functionality would be the same as in Vista Business. Thanks.

Make sure you're on the latest version, the software that came with mine
had issues in the first couple of releases too, although you could work
around most of the problems by using the "Switch user" button, then
manually entering a password when needed.