Re: Disk Management

Hello Nigel, you cease to amaze me with your wealth of knowledge and my
first thought is if in fact you have "broken the code" and (after
testing have confirmed that you) have figured out how to free up space
on the HD, you should be able to market (sell) this to algorithm to one
of the PC manufacturers. As I previously mentioned, I am "doing battle"
with Lenovo on this and the Lenovo Community message board indicates
that many many other users have the same problem so I have to guess
Lenovo has some of its' best people working on it and should be very
willing to to obtain all the help that they can get. Just a suggestion
Nigel and I will be checking back periodically to see how you
progressed. Right now I am busy trying to figure out an IE7.0 problem
but that's another issue, something else to keep me busy.
Thank you again for all your efforts Nigel,