Re: Former User Account


Just type in owner for the user name. The part before the slash doesn't

However, note that those files will then belong to the new owner user. It
would probably be easiest to use the owner user thereafter as your primary
user account.

- JB

"Richard McVey"
After my computer froze up I retured it to its original factory settings. I
also upgraded at this time to Windows Vista Service Pack 1. I then set up my
user account and attempted to restore the files and settings I backed up on
an external hard drive. In attemting to restore my files I get this message,
" The files you are retoring have security permissions for a user account
which could not be found on this computer. " Essentially, I then get a link
which sends me back to the area where I can create a user account that
matches the user account I had before I rest the computer to the factory
settings. The problem I have is that the original user I had was like this,
JohnDoe123\owner. When I tried to make an exact duplicate I get an error
message that tells me I cannot use various characters to include the \. So
I am stuck. I can not retrieve my files. Any help?