Former User Account

After my computer froze up I retured it to its original factory settings. I
also upgraded at this time to Windows Vista Service Pack 1. I then set up my
user account and attempted to restore the files and settings I backed up on
an external hard drive. In attemting to restore my files I get this message,
" The files you are retoring have security permissions for a user account
which could not be found on this computer. " Essentially, I then get a link
which sends me back to the area where I can create a user account that
matches the user account I had before I rest the computer to the factory
settings. The problem I have is that the original user I had was like this,
JohnDoe123\owner. When I tried to make an exact duplicate I get an error
message that tells me I cannot use various characters to include the \. So
I am stuck. I can not retrieve my files. Any help?