Re: password

You saved me! we had blank passwords and babysitter used pc. Now it asked
for password and she swears she didn't do anything. "I turned it on and it
asked me for password, so I shut the lid". In minutes I just ran tool and
walaa, it's fixed!


"Mick Murphy" wrote:

Try the above.
You have to download an ISO file and make a bootable disk.
Read info carefully.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"res1lf13" wrote:

thank you,i have one of those programs i bought a few years ago and
either i wasn't using it right or it wouldn't work on vista.i got ahead
of myself and ordered a newer one.i got as far as step 2 and couldn't
get passed that.thanks for your reply and have a good day too.NPR,FL.